Sunday, July 3, 2011

You need to sit down day

After our 35 weeks NST and my doc's appointment we were told we needed to sit down. While I took that to heart I also did what I could while resting. When Friday rolled around I HAD to make it to an appointment but most of it was sitting and the rest we ended up in Labor and delivery.

When the last steroid shot was injected the nurse said " if you don't sit down and take it easy and just forget that you are going to be back here in a week, we will see you MUCH sooner and you won't get near as much done."

She was right. I took one chore at a time. Sat down. Put up my feet and hugged my 2 boys. Then on to another chore. Then waiting and moving to the next one.

There was a lot of love naps given to me today by Dallas and Tyler and Tyler and I shared many laundry loads to put together. Ty cleaned up his room and all of Graysons room and I just got to watch.

We are invoking the sit down day rule a few times a day right now. Dallas is able to be here to help me and Tyler is really a good kid. Seems we have a play room to clean up and a living room to set up another bassinet and otherwise I have no idea what else we need for this kid to get here.

So, if you ever need a day like to day.. invoke a sit down day. Hope that anyone that loves your kid would love them more to come and get them... so that you can sit longer.

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