Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sickness is in the air

A few days last week we noticed that we had a sick kid. There was just something off about the Tyke. We noticed a REALLY high fever and I generally NEVER take his temperature. A NICU habit of worrying made it so that I had to slowly put the thermometer away and NEVER touch it again. Instead I went by the old wives tale of just feeling hot.

With new baby stuff around I went ahead and whipped out the old thermometer. 99.9 was the result. I added some Motrin and a hug and a night with mom and we thought we were good. The next day he was somewhat better but the fever still hung around. Come Friday I opted to take Tyler the Professor ( what he currently calls himself) into the most amazing pediatrician ever.

Dr. Marissa saw us and tried SUPER hard to get the exam done without damaging little Brown and getting Big Brown to not cry. She hates making him cry. We got what we needed and sure enough he had a fever and a small cough. She is sure it is a virus, and if he tells us his ears hurt to dose him up with an antibiotic.

Seems he felt better a few nights in a row and has not had a Fever since Friday but he has had a cough that seems to get way worse as the night goes on. He is super sleepy in the day time and as been uncharacteristically climbing on my bed and laying down with a few of his friends.

Here is Proof that he stops for a few minutes...

( Not sure what is up with the last picture. I am to lazy to go fix it.) Also we don't know what the virus is but it is there and we are hoping it goes away SOON

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singedwingangel said...

Poor little guy. I bet it is this changing weather back and forth.. hoping he gets better soon