Tuesday, June 21, 2011

34 Weeks- Non stress test

I can't even begin to tell you the excitement we are feeling in regards to this new little dude. 34 weeks is HUGE. If this kid came right now chances of a long NICU stay are pretty much slim to NONE! The idea that he would have a bleed in his brain.. NONE. Bad eyes.. you guessed it NONE! We are feeling SO blessed.

So I bet you are wondering if I loudly complain about being pregnant? Um nope. I tell Dallas I am uncomfortable every now and again and the shots are leaving me with reactions but to have a full ( OK almost full) term baby seriously makes it all worth it.

After trying for 34 weeks to get D to feel this kid move we have succeeded. He felt this huge move the other day and it was Grayson moving to the other side of my body. Since he has felt hiccups and really thinks there is a alien in my belly. It is awesome to watch. I know for SURE he has the hiccups which is seriously amazing.

Today we had our non stress test at the perinatal department. It was mid morning so I figured Grayson would be moving around. Last week a cold drink of coke got him moving. NOTHING got him moving today until they broke out the little buzzer. I was a little frustrated because the not very good ultrasound showed he was fine and he was moving but that it would take him a little longer to hit the kick count than last week. And my blood pressure was high and I had to lay there to have it checked again.

I tried to explain that walking INTO the office was painful because of my "incident" with the knife and when she saw the result of the knife, she was SURE that is what it was. A little laying and my blood pressure dropped and a few zapps and Grayson got moving. I was in there longer than usual but everything looked amazing. It is awesome to see a baby in there and see more than just bones. He has some skin on him too!

We have 3 more weeks. 3 more Saturdays. We are excited, scared and ready!! I think

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Shannon said...

WOW! I can't imagine how wonderful it must feel. Here's hoping for a few more weeks of peace and comfort. Can't wait to see this little guy make his appearance!