Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasure Maps

Tyler has really liked pirates lately and has really liked watching the new show on Disney Junior. We have indulged the kid in a pirate chest with gold dubloons and everything. This time he is was indulged in something even more fun. His own treasure map.

The first map was simple. It was how to get to his lunch from the kitchen to the "little table." He really liked it. After trying really hard to clean the house we needed to head to the store so we decided a small map would work with a treasure somewhere in the store.

A map was made. ( By budding artist who would appreciate no laughing )


The map was studied so we knew were to go.


We followed the map, with a few small detours because I couldn't figure out how to take the main road to the stupid store. We have so much construction on the way to the store that I ended up taking a back road so we missed a bridge.

The store was where our treasure was. ( no picture sorry.. but a GREAT picture of our treasure when we got home)


The lady at the bakery was so nice to take a cupcake and put a x on it. She looked at me weird and while I had distracted Tyler looking for one with a x on it she took it and made an x. She was a happy lady when she made his day.


He loved having a treasure hunt. I think I might just make him a treasure map to the new treasure in a few weeks. He might like him if we can get a big X on Grayson's tummy.

* Hope you like the pictures Aunt Nicky!*


Grandma Labrum said...

You are right about the construction in your area. Getting to your house is a total mystery. I can't wait until it is all completed and I don't feel like I am driving right through the construction site, or when I can actually find my way out and onto the freeway. Tyler looks like he was very excited, and the treasure looks great!

The Henrys said...

What a cute idea!! He looks like he really enjoyed that!