Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do you REALLY need your toe?

We had discussed if we wanted to deal with the outdoor blow up pool for Tyler this summer. Last summer we LOVED it and we spent a great deal of time outside in it. This year, it was cold cold till just recently and now it is nice and hot by mid afternoon.

Our backyard looks great with nice green grass and our new fire pit when we want to get it out. It has been amazing for bbq's and we have had almost half our meals done on the grill, but I am not doing so hot with the heat. I think I am and then get in and realize I haven't had enough to drink. But we decided it would be a good idea to get a small pool and we have now added a tent with a tunnel to go with the outside fun.

We went out to open the box and fill the pool with water. Ty was sun screened up and we were ready to go. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and off we went. The pool didn't need the knife so I put it on the grass while we went about our pool business.

We heard kids and Ty wanted to see if they could come play so we walked across the street and checked. Then we headed back. I checked with D to see if he had time to help me put up the shade cover we have. He came out and I followed with my Shadow. I noticed the knife and I remember a quick flash of panic as I realized I needed to steer Tyler in the opposite direction so I stepped over the knife.

While Ty missed the knife, the knife got hold of my toe and cut right through it. Since I have fat feet it saved me because seriously this was bad. At first I didn't think it was bad and stopped and went to the kitchen to grab some paper towels to assess the damage.

As I started walking toward the kitchen table I noticed how much blood was on the floor. It was A LOT. As I walked 2 more steps I realized that with every step HUGE HUGE puddles were being left. I told D we needed to go get stitches. He came in and I took off the paper towel. Not only were we bleeding but it was a squirting one. With every heart beat came another gush.

He threw me a kitchen towel and I had soaked through it by the time he got upstairs, got my cell phone and got his shoes. Ty was crying standing at the door in his socks with blood all over them. I called our awesome neighbor who sent her girls over to get Ty and we wrapped that sucker till my other toes turned blue.

We went to what we thought would be a good insta care and closer than the one in Riverton. We were so wrong. They were slow as tar. Even by telling them 1) I am pregnant 2) we are high risk pregnant, 3) we are still bleeding the admittance people said oh well there is a wait of 30 minutes or more. We can see if the nurse can come and see if it is still bleeding but otherwise wait our turn.

We did and when we got back to the room and they took off the gauze it starting pulsing at the nurse. She used D's hand and got him to hold it while she got stuff to wrap it before the doc came in.

The doc was very nice and very polite. His accent and his mannerisms made me question his medical degree but thought whatever. I was so light headed that I needed to be laid down and water and a washcloth so I didn't pass out. Then he started the shots. HOLY HELL, those seriously hurt like heck. I almost kicked the man. Until the almost last one I kept my cool sort of and didn't cry but the last one did me in.

Dallas came to hold my hand and to sit with me while they did their business. They had to use a little tube thing to fix the vein I so nicely nicked and then ended up with 7 really nice big Stitches across my toe.

I was hoping for a nice set of pain pills to go with the swollen foot I now had but instead was told that I need DTAP shot but they weren't for sure I could get it in my third trimester and they didn't have just the Tetnaus shot. I didn't feel so comfortable with them not being for sure so we are required to request a DTAP at the hospital in July.

I had to spend the day with my foot up. I had some major contractions when we got home so I wasn't so sad about the sitting. I cried because I was frustrated with myself for hurting myself and for being a bone head.

So now on day 4 and it hurts like a beast but I don't seem to need anything to deal with them until night time. Then I get all swollen on one side. They look pretty HOT that is for sure.


singedwingangel said...

OUCH OUCH OUCH.. that looks nasty hun.. bless your heart but yeah you need the big toe for balance.. sending yu healing thoughts

The Henrys said...

I can't believe that happened to you! Like you really needed all the extra stress and excitement! I hope your toe is all better very soon!

Tammy said...

You have the ugliest toes ever! j/k