Tuesday, June 28, 2011

35 weeks- NST and Contraction Central

We have hit the ultimate week of 35 weeks. The chances of a NICU stay dropped HUGELY this week and we are breathing a really LARGE sigh of relief. We know we are not out of the woods, thank you whimpy white boys, but we are closer to the edge of the woods.

Today was a double appointment day. I don't mind it just gives me even more assurance that he is just fine. The NST went really well. My regular perinatologist was finally back. ( They rotate) and she spends the whole time entertaining us with her funny stories about babies. I really do like her. The biggest downer was contractions. Yep I have them. Yep I have them a lot. In the 40 minutes I was there there was 3. But they aren't doing anything so I was told to sit down. Like REALLY sit down and stop doing so much.

As soon as I was done I had to head to Payson to my OB. I had a lot of questions, seeing as we have never been this far and never had a planned delivery of any kind. I won't need a different incision and we will go through the one (disastrous) one we already have. It won't be hip to hip ( or further) than the one we have we will only have the small bikini cut. I was really worried about getting it HUGE and not healing. He said that while infections and hematoma's happen it is generally really rare. He then laughed and said he would be VERY careful. He did say that the c section didn't really stretch this time so my tummy tuck ( boo) is in tact and should tolerate it all well. They are worried about the vertical incision but can't do much about it and will just be more careful.

I also started swelling. After my knife ninja skills the stitches look like a very used baseball is coming apart at the seams. He double checked my feet and legs and sure enough my ankles look somewhat like my grandma's cankles. He also noticed I have paint on one leg and he told me that the perinatologist was right. I need to sit down for a few hours in the afternoon and put my feet up. He also said that the contractions weren't doing much to my body but that because I have them until I go to sleep that I need to slow down. I pretty much started crying. I have so much to do and really have tried to not be a pregnant person that uses it as an excuse. But it looks like I need to slow down. My weight has been awesome and he is impressed I stuck to my original plan of little to no weight gain. ( I will report that I DID gain some. BUT it is probably all baby)

Overall it looks like we are all set for the 12th. I am a nervous wreck wondering how I am going to juggle 2 and how it will all work with Tyler's disability but I know it will work out.

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The Henrys said...

I am so excited for you Nancy!! It will be hard at first, but having that sweet baby boy will make everything worth it. Tyler will be wonderful big brother!