Saturday, June 4, 2011


Since he is trying to sleep and I am still awake waiting for Grayson to decide he wants to move I thought I would get this up for his long week with out us!

We finally made it to six WHOLE years of being married. Though we didn't "date" much longer than that I couldn't have asked for a better person to be married to. I couldn't ask for a better person to have a family with and one to go through Hell and back.

Nancy and Dallas Wedding
Starting a journey that will take us a million other places.
Salt Lake Tribune Pictures
A journey of watching our son, and then decide to live. Over and over. His sick body couldn't make up his mind. But we loved him. And stood over him for months. As we waited to see what he would become.
Dads bud
As a husband I saw him transform and have a special place for this little boy. Always willing to help him to get where he needed to go. Be by his side. Love him.... always.

Teaching him the right things to do to be happy. The things that make them both happy. Each other .
And last but not least, his patience, love and genuine LOVE for this little boy. Makes me so glad that baby Grayson will get to be loved by my sweetheart.
Through the last six years we have had to sit back and watch while our sweetest little man literally walked the line of living and dying. So many times we sat and watched as he would stop breathing and with tears in our eyes, start begging him to breathe again.

We have watched Tyler have brain surgery after brain surgery after brain surgery just to get him stabilized enough to be OK. Reconstructive surgery for his brain to not be pressed to tight and then of course, the luck of the draw getting the recalled shunt.

Ty was in the hospital 2 days before we were suppose to be sealed together. We had to leave him with my sister the DAY after he had brain surgery to go to the temple for Dallas. We had to work so hard to get what we needed and wanted.

An Eternal Family.

Together we have worked through both of us having stressful jobs, Never seeing each other to pay off debt, money in the bank to money NOT in the bank. Car accidents, shunt revisions ( brain surgeries). Living a wonderful, amazing journey in Arizona. Feeling like we are/were near poverty back in Utah and then fertility problems. All in the last 4 years.

Today, we have each other. We have that piece of paper we worked so hard to get and are working even harder to maintain. We have a sweet, hard, overwhelming little boy. One that is spoiled by everyone. One that will be in our care for the rest of our lives. And one that is truly ours. He is a JOY in every sense of the word. He is strung a little tight around the edges but loves just like his dad.

And last by not least, Sweet Baby Grayson. He is as calm as he could be whenever Dallas is around. NO moving, no kicking no nothing. Just calm gentle movements. I am SURE we are raising a daddy's boy on this one.

I feel so lucky and so complete with T, Dallas and Grayson. They complete me. Though the wedding was about us, the marriage is about them. About living a life together that is a nurturing, caring and respectful of each other and a partnership to those 2 kids and to each other.

A really big thanks should go out to his mom ( and dad).... Who raised the most sweet, caring, loving and devote husband. To them I will always be indebted.

Happy Anniversary Dallas.

May the next year be even better, calmer and involve less insurance :)


singedwingangel said...

Dagnabbit I had made it all day without getting misty eyed.. Happy Anniversary you guys

dderbydave said...

Happy Anniversary!
Lovely blog. Thank you.