Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Honoring through obedience

I have 2 really great and fun and picture filled blogs that I am trying to get together. But tonight i felt like I could finally put into words some feelings of the last week.

I grew up in a really small town. ( REALLY small) At the time of growing up I couldn't wait to get out. I don't want to move back either but I do like the love and support from the people here. One such person passed away several years ago. He truly was an amazing man. When he passed I really felt a loss. A loss of someone that not many others knew the way that I did.

The man had a companion. One that was also very important. I honestly can't remember a time when this man and his companion were apart other than missions. That companion was Pres. Law.

Pres. Law was an amazing person. He was also an amazing leader and he always knew the right things to say. He also stood tall ( and in the last few years hunch over) with a spirit MUCH bigger than him. When he spoke about the Gospel there was no doubt that he KNEW about Jesus Christ.

He was my parents home teacher for 26 years. I am 30. I feel like I have know this man my entire life. My dad did chores on the farm. We shoveled our fair share of manure out as kids and we carried in the buckets of milk to be filtered in Sister Laws kitchen. But what I remember most, is the feeling in her home. No matter how dirty we physically were her home was a comfortable place that made you want to whisper.

Pres. Law gave me my patriarchal blessing. I was feeling a little unworthy the first time and I called him when my parents were gone. Instead of chastisement he offered to talk to my parents and to help in any way possible. Turns out, I was just scared. Several months later I made another appointment and was promised many things. One of which that I would be the mom of very special boys. I couldn't wait to come down to my parents house and tell him he was right. My life is filled with special boys. ( funny because we were SURE this little boy was a girl. The only one who never questioned was my mom. And because President Law asked all the time how we were, I am SURE he knew that it was a boy. And Grayson will be lucky to be hanging out with Pres. Law for 4 weeks. As long as Pres. Law knows that Canyon View sucks. He won't be passing on any false doctrine.)

He always bore his testimony. Sometimes it was without saying a word. He is the type of person that makes me want to be better. Being a little better to honor him. Be more obedient because he showed me what happiness is.

He wrote me several times on my mission. Generally it was just what i needed to hear at the time I needed to hear it. He reminded me that my parents love me. Brother Ted was more than proud that I was serving a mission and that he wanted me to know that him and Sister Law had a testimony.

Part of a letter was a testimony of HIS that he felt he wanted to share. That testimony is truly amazing. Nothing special, but nothing short of spectacular. Simply put, I know that my Redeemer lives. I believe in Jesus Christ. I know the gospel is true.

In honoring him, I want to continue to be a better person. To love those around me. To care for others who need caring. To not chastise when they make mistakes and offer to help in any way possible. He promised me that I would be a mom and I promise him and my Heavenly Father that they are life. I can just make those lives better by being more obedient.

President Law reminded me all the time to be obedient. Do what I was asked. So, in honoring him, myself, my parents and my mission president I will be obedient to the best of my ability. It is the best way I know how, to show him that I know he meant what he said.

Heaven got a great man. Earth lost a great man. But his legacy will live on to those who want to honor and obey what he taught.

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