Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ty had is graduation program on Wednesday. After a horrific night the night before, ( like up 6 or seven times, out of bed, crying all night) I sent him off to school a little crabby. Ok. A LOT crabby. I knew I would be there in a few hours and usually he doesn't ask like a punk at school.

I had some errands to run ( which made me in a bad mood because I was already tired) and got there as they started singing. His class isn't very big but he didn't see me come in. Ms. Holly ( I think) waited for me since as soon as I got there they started giving out the diplomas. Ty was first. He told her " No thank you." I started to talk to Tyler and when he realized I was there, grabbed his papers and said " I go home now?" He was not a happy camper to realize they weren't done yet. But he chilled out when people starting clapping and he joined right in.

After 2 songs we watched a short video of the class and the aides started passing out treats to go outside. Ty was told it was ice cream and when he was offered one he had a great big meltdown. Why? Because it wasn't cones. So he cried and cried and asked if he could get a cone. ( and if he could drive the jeep) I only gave into one of his requests.

Sorry the first one is fuzzy. He was sticking his tongue out a lot but he kept moving so it is fuzzy.
I am so glad he finally is done with preschool and he can go on to bigger stuff. We are excited that he is going to just the right kindergarten for him. I don't mind him growing up. He is such a miracle to us that he makes every day amazing. ( Hard and long but amazing) He is in a 5 week extended school year ( but it isn't classroom at all) and we have a lot going on during the summer with LOTS of changes.

Ty is having a really rough go at life this week. It is testing both parents patience and Ty is not handling it very well. His dad is leaving for a week on Sunday and so it is just me. I am heading to my parents for the extra help and we really appreciate all they have done. I hope that we can transition out of the rough stuff soon.

Till then, T is no longer a preschool kid.

Now on to Kindergarten.

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Chantel said...

He is SUCH a big boy! He is going to do great in kindergarten. I am glad you are going to get some help for the week, it will be nice for Ty to have some Grandma and Grandpa time. I wish we were there to help too. Soon enough, soon enough :) Good luck in your week without a hubby!