Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day ( with lots of pictures)

Since D is almost asleep and I have stolen his laptop I thought I would do a little post. I hope he knows just how much Tyler and I appreciate all he does.

D is one of the most loving and caring people in the whole world. I don't care to even hang out with other people because I prefer to be with him. I could spend all of my time with him and never get tired of it.

He works so hard for Tyler and I. He puts in long hours, time on the weekends, late nights, anything really and he does it. He is loving and caring and unbelievable in his love for us. He is a wonderful husband.

As for Tyler. A blogger of a dad of a kid with Special needs recently wrote that sometimes it is hard to be a dad of a "broken" kiddo. I think for Dallas he does a pretty decent job. He has had to give up so much of his dreams because Ty just can't do it. He never complains when he has to carry him into bed, or when Ty comes in with a pillow to sleep with mommy. He takes the appointments in stride and allows me to make the decisions that I need to make when he isn't there. But most of all, when Ty needs him he is there.

Grayson is on his way and knowing that we both wanted him so much has given us a new perspective on parenting and seeing the excitement in D eyes when he gets a new picture or hears his heart beat makes me so happy. To see the look of concern when we were hooked up to monitors at 25 weeks made my heart hurt. He tries so hard to be brave. He is going to be a wonderful father to Grayson.

I am thankful for my own father and for the love and support he offers at all times. He is a great support system and a wonderful patriarch to our family. He is very supportive and I think he REALLY likes his grandkids a little. He is always helping my mom with everything she needs and is always working hard. ( Even when he should be resting)




Gramps hand
Thanks to all those who are father figures in my own life. Those who I look(ed) up to and to those who care. I truly feel blessed to have all of you in my life.

And most of all Thank you to my husband. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. But most off all for the wonderful kids you have given me.

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