Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter stuff

*I didn't pull out my camera ONCE over the holiday so every picture is stolen from my sister and ran through light room. Your welcome!*

When my parents came into town on Thursday they were given 2 free nights at their favorite ( and the KIDS favorite) hotel. It has a water park in it and it gives hours of entertainment for the kiddos.

After I got back from my appointment we all went up to go swimming. My mom took Ty so I could met up Dallas for sushi. ( I even ate rolls and it was FABULOUS!) I took off after dinner and left D to go swimming. Ty wasn't having much of it and didn't stay as long as the rest. We left and he was crying about being hungry for a while. When he got home he said he wanted a Donut. (Thanks again for the food ranch donuts!)

He slept in his OWN bed all night and seemed to be more refreshed from sleeping than he had been the day before. His energy piddled after Shriner's but we headed to the National Kidney foundation Easter Egg Hunt. It was at the Salt lake Library and was very crowded and worked great for the kids. Ty had lots of help from his Cousin Lexi.

We ran some errands and ended up back at the Hotel for a night of swimming and pizza. We came equipped with pool toys and ended up having a good time. Tyler's toy was borrowed by some kid so he took their toy. He just sort of hung out. He loved it.
Saturday everyone came here for a little easterin. Dallas and I had to run an errand and when we got back it was JUST in time for lunch so we missed all the festivities. ( hence why I had to steal photos!) They colored Easter eggs and had a Easter egg hunt in the back yard since it was COLD. Ty got a bat and a ball and he hasn't let it down since.

Sunday we did NOTHING. Literally. After the weekend we needed a day where we made it to bed on time, took naps and just was a family. Dallas snuck out of the room after I feel asleep on Sunday morning and I took a way long nap and Ty was SUCH a happy camper. We played baseball, picked up messes and was not required to do or be anywhere. Just what the doctor ordered!

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