Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Grayson- 26 weeks!!!!

WE DID IT!! Officially we have surpassed and are STILL going PAST the gestation of our toot!

After our Labor and delivery scare we had a nice relaxing weekend and a few more appointments. I haven't been put on any bed rest but I have only cleaned stuff where I can sit down to do it. ( Trust me, I would NEVER not stay on bed rest no if told to stay down!)

Tuesday, I had a perinatologist appointment and we got to have a ultrasound and a little chit chat about preterm labor and where and when to go in. Grayson has his head down and he is facing backwards. His back is against my front. He doesn't really like mornings much and rarely moves at all so I wasn't suprised that he wouldn't move for the tech. The doc came in and he wanted to see a few more things. His kidneys are doing fabulous. His heart is working and doing perfect and brain is perfect.

After a nice cervical ultrasound and check we are doing great. There is NO change and dilation has not occured. We talked about the FFN test we did last time and tried to get him to move just one more time. Next time if he has moved around a bit we will get a nice 3d picture.

As of now, there are NO restrictions. Our pregnancy is what they considered VERY normal and there is no alarms sounding anywhere. We have prayed and prayed and cried over wanting this to go smoothly and be "normal" that it is almost in disbelief everytime we go in.

Regular OB appointment at 27 weeks and 29 weeks and then back to the Peri at 32 weeks. NST start then and we WAIT. Steroids are on the books and so is an amnio. Looks like we are haing a baby.

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Chesney said...

yay!!!!! i am so happy that you made it to 26 weeks and that everything is going so well!!!