Monday, April 25, 2011

The rest of the week

Our amazingly busy Wednesday made our Thursday kind of a beast. Ty stayed at his Grandma's house until we were on our way home from the hospital. He pretty much didn't stop crying all night. He woke up exhausted and very very sad and very very tired. But he doesn't give up.

I happily sent him on the bus while he cried over not having the right movie to take to school. (Which he doesn't EVER take) I ran inside and called his teacher and let her know that he was really sad and kinda being naughty so if he is REALLY bad call me.

My OB called soon after and told me it was a good idea to come and see him. As soon as I hung up my mom called and said that they were on their way. They showed up with an amazing box of Food Ranch Donuts. I went and picked up Tyler and they went and got the "kids" while Ty had a small nap.

I left for the OB's soon after. Everything looked fine and Grayson sounds great. Progestrone was stabbed in my bum and everything else looked great. We follow up Tuesday with the peri and another appointment. I was told to have a resting weekend but otherwise I was ok to take my time and relax a little.

We played Thursday and got a call for an appointment at Shriners for orthotics on Friday. My dad came with us. Ty was in a MUCH better mood but was still NOT his self. Poor kid just couldn't get enough sleep. My dad helped a TON. I didn't even think to take pictures.

For orthotics they put a cast on till it dries then cuts it off. It isn't painful minus the stretching his legs into a good stretch but it gets old after awhile. His appointments are not fun. They are now usually pretty hurtful and he has a lot of them. Once they were off he seemed to cheer up.

The best part of the day for me was going up to not nice therapist and getting A BIKE!!! It isn't brand new and it isn't for keeps but Ty gets to practice with it. He does really well and can do it. Especially if people are out. He even drove himself over to the neighbors to go play.

The best part for him was playing with the basketball. It was so hard to get him to give it up. He loves it and "claps and cheers" for everyone who does it. We left and went to go pick up the kids.

Then the Easter festivites began

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