Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Darn it. I don't need roofing supplies.

When picking the newest fad in "What can I get that is abnormal and kinda bad luck and rather a little on the funny side" I picked shingles.

That is right. SHINGLES.

Also know as the herpes zoster or the varicella virus. If put in real terms, I have a recurring of my past. The past of chicken pox.

Around Thursday last week I noticed a weird feeling on my C-section scar. My section scar goes hip to hip. ( I know, the actual chance of complication is like, less than 10 percent... what can I say) But the scar is also really badly put together. I had a small tummy tuck with it resulting in a jigsaw of nerves and messes. I noticed the side of it feeling like it was coming apart. So I went to the best judges of anything I need and asked my Facebook buddies what the heck it could be.

The most answers was " I didn't have one. Go call your doc." So I took their advice and did. But the OB and I decided I wasn't going to die and to save a gas fill up to take a jog up to my Family doc. So I did.

I told him what it was. He asked to see it. ( not a pretty place I might add!) and he starts poking at it and said " Gee I am glad I have had the chicken pox because you have shingles." I was horrified. Um shingles can cause major birth defects. Not to mention I had a small problem with Ty's vaccines. I had put of 2 of them. One being the Varicella one. So I was frantic.

Ty had been with hid grandparents on Friday. Ty's Aunt comes over every Sunday and she has a immunosupressant child. I was SICK SICK to my tummy. I couldn't imagine having to hear that I gave Noah something as UGLY as the chicken pox and not just a cold. His other sweet sister lives there with a new(er) baby and I felt so sick.

My sister had been to my house a few days ago and she spent the afternoon with a cancer patient and a kidney transplant patients. Again, SICK TO MY STOMACH. ( Turns out it was BEFORE the rash. HOORAY)

Then what about my own child and the unborn kiddo. Turns out, Ty had his vaccine when his Doc just reminded me to get them done and we did them all at the same time. And the unborn. From what we can gather anything before 14 and anything in the third trimester is REALLY bad. But the second was the best of the worst to get it. So we are hoping we are OK.

Plan of action is to avoid as many places with small children as possible until I am on my anti virals long enough. ( A few days) Then avoid touching/itchy/looking/ the infected area until it gets scabbed over.

It hurts like a beast! My scar feels like it is ripping apart and my hip is inflamed and on fire! So warm baths and sleep work pretty good. Oh did I mention the one on my FACE. Yeah. it rocks.

So basically, I ache like I have the flu, stuffy like the flu, itchy like the pox and swollen like herpes. SWEET.

Next up, how to dry wall.......


singedwingangel said...

Around here there is a remedy for shingles..mash up walnuts shell and all to a paste and apply it to the site. Something in it's juice kills it and dries it up. They guy ehind me had it all over his chest and they gave him medication after medication to get rid of it to no avail. He went to the Amish, they made the walnut paste and within 3 days his was gone.

Miracles Happen said...

Sounds like a great idea.. but I am allergic to walnuts :(

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Crap! That sucks, sucks, sucks! I'm sorry you're having all this happen. I hope it goes away quickly.