Sunday, March 6, 2011

Captain Tyler

On Valentines day Playhouse Disney changed to Disney Junior. To most it isn't a huge deal but the added a few new shows that have really made imagination play for Tyler. (The funny thing, when he gets mad he will sometimes demand shows that are on Playhouse Disney. Thank goodness for DVR.) But he has really been into Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

For a few years he has had a boat in his bath toys. He hasn't really played with it before. He would dump everything in his tub and throw everything but since the new show has come on he plays pirate EVERY night.


He yells AHOY and puts his friends the Little Einsteins in the boat. He tells me that we are going to ride the boat together and he plays for a long time. I can even sit on my bed and listen to him chatter. He has a whole show in there. It even includes Captain Hook.


To watch him and listen to him makes my heart so happy. He is growing, learning and his hard work is paying off.


Madeleine said...

I told Spencer this morning that I missed OOh and Ahh and that I liked playhouse disney better to which he answered " why don't you like Disney Junior why momma, why?

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh - we really don't do much television, but Esen said to me over the weekend - "I want to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates." I was totally baffled until he explained to me he had seen it once at Grandpa and Grandma's. I found it on Disney Junior and it really is a cute cartoon. It must be the new hot thing. :)

Matt and Brianna said...

Sounds like our house! Jack has renamed Joe and Tyla too! They are Izzy and Cubby and he is Jake! And he sings all the songs non stop. I love it!

Chantel said...

It must be a hit! Maxwell LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates! We watch it more than I would like!