Saturday, February 26, 2011

I fall in love

I fall in love DAILY.

Deeper and deeper.

Even more so in the last 18 weeks.

The last few months I have realized that this is the last time of our lives that it will be just him. No other siblings. Just him. It makes it bitter sweet really.

The cute stuff he does makes my love grows deeper and deeper and makes me realize everything that he does is even more amazing because he is such a Miracle.

The last few weeks we have realized just how much he soaks in. He is so SMART. He is very attentive and very willing to learn. Over a year ago, when he didn't talk, we started making him say prayers at night. We would pray with him around us before that but this was his time.

As his words and vocabulary exploded his prayers are all his. He says what he wants and he does what he wants in them. So sometimes mom and dad don't get blessed but what he feels gets said.

Today he was playing with Grayson's blanket he was taking his "give the mouse a cookie book" and covering it up with the blanket and telling the Mouse book to go night night. Then it escalated and he asked me to help him upstairs.

We went upstairs and he took the book to his "bigger bed" and put the book to bed. He sat right next to the book and said "OK now fold your arms" and he proceeded to help the mouse book say a prayer.

It went something like this.
T: Fold your arms mouse
T: Heavenly Father, thank you for the mouse. Thank you for the mommy to read us the mouse book. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

He covers the book up and gives it a kiss. As he walks out he tells the book. I will be right out here to check on you. ( Dallas tells him that every night) and Ty waited.

He went back in and took the book off the bed and proceeded to do it in ALL of our beds. He is so sweet. His little prayers are always tear jerkers for us.

He is so thoughtful when it comes to saying I am sorry. Or asking if you are OK. He is so thoughtful in wanting to help.

He comes home off the bus telling us all about his day.

I LOVE this kid. I am so thankful that he is mine. He puts a smile on my face, he filled a void I didn't know was there and he has made a space in my heart that I don't want him to leave. It has also made me realize there is a space in my heart for another one! For that I will be thankful for.

So yep! I fall in love. With a blonde haired, blue eyed, dirty faced and gross hands, still not potty trained 5 year old. He is my life. He is my baby. He will always be my best bud.

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Denise said...

Oh Nancy!!! I love you and your little miracle!! I cried reading this. Thank you for sharing him and his sweetness with us. Love you!