Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Oli

When I met Dallas he had a best friend that he did EVERYTHING with. Todd was older than Dallas and his wife was tolerant of the 2 "boys" hanging out in her house at all hours of the night and day. I had to pleasure of meeting them before we got engaged.

Todd and Amy have fertility issues. They were going through the adoption process for a long time. LONG time. D and I didn't have any back then but Amy and Todd were very accepting of our pregnancy and soon after we had Tyler they were chosen by an amazing birth mother to parent. Oli and Tyler are not very far off in age. Ty was suppose to be here in December and Oli came in March. In our feeble little minds we knew they were going to be best friends. Oli is tolerant of Tyler's doing and Tyler is somewhat tolerant of Oli. But what is great for me, is I LOVE Oli's mom. And Todd... well, I love that he is my hsubands best friends and so it works.

Through the course of our 5 years with our kiddos Amy and I have solidified a even stronger bond. We don't get to see each other near enough but she is someone who just gets me and doesn't judge and is there to cry with and understand with. I understand her and we both understand all of the needs and we just enjoy.

Oli has autistic characteristics and doesn't talk. He signs and his amazing attentive mother is such a wonderful voice for him. So you add Tyler the CP kid and Oli the autistic kid we have a lot in common and can laugh and cry together . Oli and Tyler do play together and sometimes play around them. But they are in the same club. The club that says this mom gets it.

We went to Oli's party and it was a swim party. I didn't tell Ty about the swim part because we had issues with just getting to the party. Amy had cute favors for the kids and we ate some yummy jello, changed clothes and headed to the pool. Ty was in LOVE with the water and he was just fine laying right down in it.

Swimming is the time when both boys can express all of their interest in and they love it.
They all had a blast and we were so thankful to have had a chance to celebrate our love of Oli with Todd, Amy and Tisha. We are so thankful they are in our lives. We appreciate their love and friendship so much more than they even know.

Happy Birthday sweet Oli

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Amelia said...

Aw, thanks Nancy! You are so on top of it, I will link back when I have my birthday post written, cause there's pics with both of them in it. We love you guys too, and it's so nice to have friends who really get you.