Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you miss pictures?

Well so do I!! A few weeks ago I managed to TOTALLY and fully wipe off my entire hard-drive. Dallas had to reinstall EVERYTHING and then it totally crashed like 2 days later. I have just left it sitting on his desk after I pretty much crashed it and haven't even tried to log in. I have lost all of my photos. ALL OF THEM. I lost all the photos of other people to but I did manage to take off a bunch of peoples BEFORE that.

Any rate, I get to use the macbook of D's and it has NOTHING on it. No iphoto, no blogs, no nothing. It's like a fresh clean slate that I can make a mess of and ruin. But it also means I have no lightroom and no way to download photos without take my lazy bum downstairs. In turn I haven't really gotten my camera out and use my iphone a lot so D can get pictures of our adventures. No blog photos either. ( maybe if Nicky took some she would either post them on HER blog or send them to me.)

But since we are full of unicorns and glitter I will just have to make do with witty words and fancy pants blogging stories.

Here is the unicorns and glitter story for the night.

Ty says prayers a lot in this house. We have always had to help him. The last few weeks he hasn't needed much help. Today, was a no help prayer day.

The dinner prayer went like this.
t: dear hedenly fader fhank you for da day. Fhank you for the food. Fahnk you for handy manny big construction job. pwease bwess the food. To grow big and strong, bwess the tywer for making it and da mom-e. in da name of Sheeshs ( jesus) cwrist Amen.

The fixed version: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the day. Thank you for the food. Thank you for handy manny construction job. Please bless the food so we can grow big and strong. Bless Tyler for making it and the mommy. In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN.

Then the night time prayer.

T: dear Hedenly Fader. Fhank you for da day. Fhank you for Mickey Mouse. Fwank you for the dadd-e, fhwank you for the mom-e. fhank you for the baby. Pwease bwess the baby that it will grow big and strong. Pwease bwess the Tywer that he can cheach da baby how to pway soon. We ashk vees fwhings in the name of sheeshas Christ Amen.

The fixed version: Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for the day. Thank you for Mickey Mouse. thank you for the daddy. Thank you for the mommy. Thank you for the baby. Please bless the baby that it will grow big and strong. Please bless the Tyler that he can TEACH the baby how to play soon. We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

A huge smile spread across his face cause he can do it all by himself. We kissed him and he told us goodnight and THANK GOODNESS we have heard not even a peep tonight.

Our adventures with Grandma and Grandpa will continue tomorrow.

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Rich said...

You can always try to send the hard drive to a data recovery company. But it's going to cost you. If you already rewrote the HD with a new install it's going to be hard. When ever a HD crashed with data, first thing... DO NOTHING until you use data recovery software.

Tell D to buy you a DroboFS for data backup. I have all my photos on a Drobo Pro.