Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Lucky Ordinary Miracle

Tonight I am over emotional about the journey we have been on the last 5 years and the time in Holland we will have for the rest of our lives. I can't help but be thankful for so many things when it comes to Tyler and his sweet, gigantic, fighting stubborn little spirit.

A few weeks ago Dallas was doing an entry to his blog about Tyler an the story that was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune just over five years ago. We had no idea where that journey would really take us. Five years later, I still can't tell you where that journey will take us.

Five years ago we were rooming in and still not sure when we would be bringing Tyler home. We didn't know if we would be able to have him off his tube feeding and we didn't know if we were coming home by his due date.

Today, after a super awesome day and a great visit with the Neurosurgeon Tyler is doing amazing. He has beat the odds. Though he isn't without delays, those delays could be far worse. They could be far more devastating. Instead we get to watch him walk, talk and make us laugh.

Dr. Walker said that unless there is problems we are good for another year with next year being a no scan year. He of course Knocked on wood, but said that overall Tyler looks very stable. His condition, though chronic and life threatening, is doing well and doesn't seem to be making him sicker. He said generally kids who make it to age 5-6 with no seizures are usually past that concern and that Ty just looks good overall. He said he was Lucky!

LUCKY! Tyler Lucky!

Really, I think it is those who KNOW Tyler that are lucky. Not just because he is my kiddo but there truly is something about him that makes everyone he meets smile. Tense situation are lightened when he gives a kiss, says "Fank You" and most of all your heart melts when you know just how close we were to losing him so many times. ( Grandma's and mommies hearts melt when he tells you that he says "Tywer so sad and I sorwy momm-e)

Babies born as early as him generally have a lot more problems. Even some at later gestation's have issues worse than his. It really does make me thankful for him and for his Lucky deck of cards.

The last few weeks have been filled many Miracles after another. As ordinary as they seem, Miracles do Happen and we see them everyday! Oh and did I mention, Tyler's neurosurgeon is sponsoring him for a Make a wish Trip. I guess his dream of the beach JUST might come true!

We are lucky.....

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