Sunday, December 19, 2010

Food for the Reindeer

Last night we had a massive episode with Tyler over sleeping/where to sleep/ how to sleep, you name it. He was SCREAMING almost non stop for 3 hours. We don't and haven't really ever done the cry it out thing but last night we did. We left his door open and he screamed and so we had to shut ours. Nothing was working.

Finally we got him to settle down and tell us what he wanted and he kept saying " The bigger bed." The bigger bed is the bed in the guest room. We were not convinced that he would stop throwing a fit but we tried it anyway. Seems to have done the trick because he totally crashed and slept till six.

Though that is 8 hours of sleep Ty hadn't been asleep in more than 18 hours. He was up super early the morning before and didn't go to bed a decent hour the night before, was crabby for most of the evening and wouldn't eat a whole lot. He moves constantly and his CP burns more calories than I can pack into his little body. Poor kid. He just can't win.

This morning when he woke up he was back to my sweet little boy. I was so thankful Satan took back his spawn. He happily ate 4 toaster struddles, asked for kisses and talked and talked and wanted Hot chocolate ( not to drink but to play with!)

Dallas came down a few hours later and spelled me off. I can't seem to figure out the best combination for the morning sickness just yet. So a little extra sleep seems to help out a lot. Ty and D played for a while and then Ty came up and read himself some stories.

Later in the afternoon we were talking to Tyler about the pictures he brought home from school this past week and he was bringing us a few Christmas presents. He brought home a few bags of Reindeer food. He would bring me the bag and tell me it was "Food for da reindeer" and that he was going to feed them cause they were "hungrwy." He then proceeded to tell Dallas that he wanted us to ride in the sleigh with Santa Clause. Dallas would smile and Ty would tell him that it was a "good idea dadd-e."

He has talked non stop about Santa, presents, Handy Manny big job, and the key that Santa will use to get in the house. It makes us so excited for Christmas this year.

Who knows, maybe Santa WILL want us to ride on his sleigh!

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singedwingangel said...

You know what , kick me now , I never once thought about Tyler needing the extra vitamins and nutrients .. and I know I have the best prenatal through my business you could ever get.. shoot me an email sweetie we need to talk