Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blizzard 2010?

Last week it was totally hyped up about this "GREAT and Terrible blizzard." It was headed our way and it was bringing in horrible amounts of snow. It was going to leave us in a a bad way. The Universities shut down early, and places were encouraging their workers to head home before the storm.

The storm hit... and went. It was bunk! We had more snow the weekend before. The bad part was the COLD.. Oh the COLD. It got down to like 9 degrees. We stayed indoors because it was BITTER cold.

Then this morning we woke up to SNOW. LOTS of snow. Dallas went out to shovel and Tyler wanted to go. He won't wear a coat but he let me put on gloves. I had one for the same hand so they had to be turned the wrong way but he didn't care. He did not however, like the sound of the scrapping so the time out side was short lived.

He stood at the top of the driveway and would jabber and talk and ask for the kids and then play in the snow. When the shovel would come to close to him he would cry and go in.

He kept his gloves on and went out the back and he played in peace. The snow kept coming and has kept going and should keep going till morning. Hopefully tomorrow will bring us a winter wonderland of clear roads!

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singedwingangel said...

I;m with him the sound of a scraping shovel drives me insane..