Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Christmas

Just over a year ago we moved our family back from Arizona to Utah. Dallas and I are natives of Utah ( though VERY different parts!) and we kind of had a harsh winter last year. We did survive with only one accident ( which was me.. OF COURSE) and we really thought it was cold.

Ty didn't care one way or the other. We are pretty sure he can't regulate his temperature or tell when things are hot or cold. He sweats very little in the summer. Like VERY little and his face lights up like a red hot. We keep him out of the sun for long extended periods of time. I am sure it seems weird since we lived in the Valley of the Sun but trust me. You didn't stay outside at 111 degrees.

Winter is not much different.

In Arizona a jacket was sufficient 99.9 percent of the time. Generally you didn't even need that. You could wear shorts and use a jacket for the "winter months" if you really needed one. Nights got chilly but that was about it.
Fast forward to Utah. There is a season known as fall. Sometimes it is cold sometimes it isn't. This year has been very mild. But quickly it turned cold.

Last night we had our very first snow fall. When Ty woke up this morning and the snow had stuck. He was so excited he looked at me and said " It's Christmas!"

After a little bit we went up to see daddy. ( It was his day to sleep in and he didn't sleep in or SLEEP) Tyler told D that it was Christmas and that his name was Tyler.

We haven't quite mastered the whole Thanksgiving business yet but maybe after 3 days of talking up visitors and bribing with Cousin Lexi he will let everyone have a good day.

*P.S* picture was NOT today. That was last year. Ty has the sniffles so he isn't allowed out today other than to eat it off the porch.

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