Friday, August 20, 2010

Sleep- Revisited

I am hoping I won't have to knock on wood ( but really it can't get any worse than it already is/has/could be) but we have had a HUGE difference in sleeping since we got Toot's tonsils out. We changed a lot of things at the same time and we don't know exactly what it is that has made any difference.

After getting his tonsils out he slept with me for a week or so. When I was ready for my bed back we just started putting him in there. He did great. He seemed to sleep through the night and stay in his bed. Every now and then he would come in our room but not much.

Some of the things we changed right as he got his tonsils out:

1) We got him a new bed. He had been on his toddler bed. I am not sure if that was just not a good idea or if the mattress just stunk. He slept awesome in our bed once he came in.

2) We got him a bed set that he LOVES. He was in just a nice toddler bed set and then we found a Mickey Mouse bed set. He LOVES it. He helps me make his bed, he has to have his pillow a certain way. We thought it would keep him up but it hasn't.

3) We added white noise. When he was tiny we had a CD playing all night in his room. He still slept kinda blah but he slept OK. We have had a fan going in our room and he sleeps great in there. When he had his tonsils out we had to have a cold humidifier. It has some great white noise. Keeps his room cooler too!

4) We added Baclofen. While I didn't think of this as a big deal, I recently think I have changed my mind. When we went to see my parents last week he slept with me and I didn't give him his baclofen in the meds. He had a really restless sleep and would move all the time. Came home and started it back up and he was out OUT! Last night I forgot to refill it and he was up 2 times last night. He ended up in my bed and when I tucked him in and went to his bed he ended up back in there a few hours later. He tenses his legs the ENTIRE night. It really leaves marks at this point ( on ME) and is really sad for me to see. Tonight- Baclofen!

5) Our routine is a little shorter and still really strict. We do the SAME thing, every night. He says the same thing and he gets in the tub and gets to sing the same song every night. We have tried to push his bed time back but it isn't any help so 8 it is.
6) He got his tonsils out and he got the dose of Phenol. We have found as he gets tighter he sleeps MUCH worse. ( hence #4~) It makes us remember to stretch him a lot. Poor kid. I can't imagine how it feels to have tight muscles ALL the time.

He still gets his sleeping meds and the dose hasn't been changed. He has grown but not by much in the last year. He still doesn't nap in the day and when he does he ends up in our bed for the night.

He goes to sleep saying Mickey Mouse and wakes up asking for Mickey Mouse. We hope the sleeping continues. At least this is tolerable.

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Beth schell said...

My sister with cp loves baclofen also. She says it helps her relax her muscles. She also says that baclofen in conjunction with massage is the best.

Does Ty have any seizures associated with his CP? My sister is epileptic.