Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Reunion

Taking your child with special needs to family events can be a little nerve wracking. There are so many things to think about ahead of time and so many things that you can't control. I don't always have the ability to know all the details ahead of time in order to be able to make adaptations or make it more "Tyler" friendly. Some activities really don't work and sometimes we have to respectfully decline ( which I end up making excuses for, like we are busy that day or we have something else planned. It seems I can't just be honest) because there is no way to make the activity enjoyable or physically possible. Physically possible, not just for him but for me. For me meaning I can't carry him that long or I I can't find a way to adapt that activity to him and help him do that activity. He is almost to big for that darn stroller and he is getting to be just to darn heavy.

A few weeks ago we went camping down at my parents house. He LOVED camping. He associates grandpa with camping and fishing so when you mention grandpa, grandpa's house or going out he asks about going fishing. We were invited( do you really have to be "invited" to a family reunion in which you belong!) to the Labrum Family summer get together/reunion.

This year we went to Cold Springs Trout Farm in North Ogden. Because it is a trout farm there is more than plenty of fish for everyone. You pay per fish that you catch. You can't catch and release for the integrity of the ponds and you just have to feed the fish for them to start biting. I was really looking forward to taking Tyler because they had places that kids could fish. He LOVES fishing and carries around his fake ( and his real one if we let him) fishing pole all the time.

My parents were driving up early and had to make a few stops and so I asked my sister if she would like to ride with me. We left in plenty of time to get lost ( but we didn't!) and got there before most of the family. It was really easy to find.

We couldn't hold Tyler and his need to fish back any longer, so we went ahead and got a bucket and a pole ( they offered you a pole at no cost!) and went to town. Aunt Nicky was a trooper and was fine with helping Tyler. A little girl was standing by us and she was feeding the fish and Ty was catching them.
My cute sister.. and Ty's Aunt Nicky Mouse
His face is priceless and he gets so excited. We caught 3 fish quickly and thankfully grandpa and grandma got there soon after and Ty was able to take Grandpa around. Ty was so excited. As soon as he saw grandpa he asked him to go fishing.
My dad helping Ty fish. SEE I told you his face was priceless.

We ate lunch and I was able to visit with my Aunts. I haven't seen all of them for almost 2 years. ( A side note: I LOVE my Aunts. My dads sisters are seriously so great. My Aunt Mary and Aunt Luanne showed up at the hospital after I had Tyler. Though there was no baby for them to see they still came. I always feel welcome with them. They both wanted to know about Tyler, how he is doing and everything inbetween. They were and are so understanding and accepting of Tyler. My Aunt Mary even came up and saw Tyler when he was stuck in a incubator. My Aunt Linda Labrum is such a sweet lady and Oh my Aunt Kaye.. Honestly, there was NEVER a sweeter lady. I LOVE her.) While I was visiting with them Nicky and my dad had walked back down and were fishing. We all walked back to the pond and Ty had caught WAY to many fish ( that you can't throw back) and was laughing so hard as he did it. He was so funny. And everyone else was behind him laughing as we tried really hard to NOT catch a fish. We were relived when the few he got were able to come off the hook. He has the biggest joy of just tossing the pole in the water. ( We have a video so you can see him.)

Thanks mom for the video!!

When you are ready to go you take your fish to the shack there and they gut them and filet them. You pay per fish and it is calculated on the length of the fish. They charge a small fee for the filet but WAY worth it. We ended up spending way to much for the priceless look on his face. But not enough that I didn't mind handing over my card.
It was a great day. It seemed VERY handicapped friendly. It isn't hard to get to the ponds. There is no major hills. It is grass but a wheelchair would easily be able to be maneuvered. You can put up chairs on the grass and sit or just sit on the ground. There is shade and water to drink. You can also bring in your own picnic. You can rent the pavilion for pretty inexpensive. Best of all you get a kid with LOTS of smiles.
*My dad is the fish grandpa and Dallas' dad is the campfire grandpa. We had a campfire there on the 24th and Ty asks all the time for a campfire. Like EVERY TIME we see Grandpa Brown. *


Grandma Labrum said...

He had such a great time! It was worth it for him. But, we must say, that is the 'cheating' way to fish. With 'real' fishing, you can't throw bait in to have them come to you. But for little kids, it was great. But how do you limit them on the fish when they are having such a great time? They have so much fun they just want to keep fishing!

Miracles Happen said...

I think our solution to that will be to bring his own pool and just let him keep putting it in the water after we catch as many as we want. Most of his is just the thrill of putting it in the water. Dallas really wants to go and see him fish like that. Thanks again for the video

Anonymous said...

What a joyful post! Priceless indeed! I enjoy fishing, too - hoping one day to have a grandchild to take fishing also.