Monday, July 12, 2010


Mickey Mouse had his follow up Tonsil appointment today.

Oh wait. That was Tyler.

Our ENT is great. He is the HUGEST guy EVER. Like literally. Like a rolly polly bug with hair and glasses. But he is REALLY good with kids. Like super dee duper good. He never goes right for Tyler but goes right for whatever "friend" is brought with us. Mickey Mouse came today. Mickey went with us for surgery too!

Ty got to help him check Mickey's mouth and he told him WOW neat with the light. And then the UNTHINKABLE happened. Dr. Hill asked if he could see in Tyler's mouth with his new flash light and Ty did it. Yep! No tears.

Ty was officially released from the ENT. Unless there is complications later on or he breaks his nose again then we do not have to go back . This is the first time in 5 years we have been able to cross off a specialist on our list instead of add one!

And Mickey got a sucker.


Rochelle said...

OH OK I'll stop posting the same thing again and again. OK one more time... NICE:)

Rochelle said...


Rochelle said...


Shannon said...

Crossing off a specialist HAS to feel great! Congrats Mickey (and Tyler). :)