Monday, May 24, 2010

Collage Sunday

Saturday I woke up with that familiar tingle of a cold sore and realized that I did NOT feel well. Not at all. My glands were swollen and I felt horrible. Sunday was way worse. Dallas let me sleep in ( which I TOTALLY totally appreciated) and as the day went on Ty really needed a distraction. ( OK Lacrosse was on so his movies were off! He was getting more bored.)

We got a new kit ( the same people make the sock puppets and the paper plate bugs.. and a bunch of others that we don't own..YET) ( and I lied.. the Sock puppets are from a different company. My bad.) the other day so I thought this would be a perfect chance to get it out. This one is a collage kit. Meaning I didn't have to cringe when it wasn't done " Just right!" ( not that I would really care that the EYES are on the BACK of the bug... or on Tyler as a "sssssker")

Crayons were laid out. ( cool huh.. yep they come with the kit and work amazing for a kid that doesn't grip great)

And the cow was picked! Who knew... a cow! (

After the cow was "done up" he had to SHOW dad. And off he went.

We started our pig and got it all primed up and ready for collaging. ( when I ran spell checker it suggested that Collagen was a better word.. haha)

See Mom... a Piggy

And then.... his attention span was GONE

But where did he go!?

All in a days work.

All in a days work .

P.S. Yes Ty wears clothes. Yes Ty owns pants. No he is not potty trained. Yes he has a messy face. Yes I am a mom of the year....

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