Friday, April 23, 2010

Paper Plate Bugs

A few months ago I posted about our Sock Puppets. When we were in search of a Mickey Mouse after the hair cut we ran across another kit that I knew that Tyler could participate in.

He has become a lot more interested in coloring and painting. He brings home activities from school that he has "obviously" done himself.

I love them.

They hang on Dallas' "office" door.

This week they worked on Kites and last week was bugs. So I thought this was super perfect.

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The Kit comes filled with A TON of bug options. Full of colors and fun stuff!


We chose a Bee. With the bright colors I knew he would LOVE it.

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As I handed him the stickers for his face he made the MOST amazing and cutest face in the entire world. A face only a mom could love !

The fuzzy antennae was a HIT!

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Along with bugs we did LOTS of letters. Ty is obsessed with the Alphabet and he has several sets ( thanks to Grandma) and we opened a brand new set of flash cards today. He uses flash cards at speech too.

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He picks a card, tells us what is on the back and then loudly says the letter. He knows EVERY 26 letters. It is amazing.

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Put them in the pile


If anyone knows of a way to get those letters to combine for a word I am ALLL ears!


~NICKY~ said...

my nephew is a GENIUS!!! :)

Carrie said...

Sounds like a great activity. So cute!! Where did you get the kit?