Sunday, April 4, 2010

Um, can I have the wipes.... AGAIN

In the world of smart phones and Ipads and key less cars why is it that Huggies or anyone else for that matter has YET to figure out that they need Yummy smelling wipes to help a mom out?

Picture this: Ty acts off. Really off. Wake up one morning and after a brief time he has a dirty diaper. BLOW OUT! Like infant blow out.. up his back. EVERYWHERE!

Lucky for me my dad left me a carpet machine cause I needed it.

I was also not smart and had decided since we were going through WAY less diapers to buy generic instead of my trusty Huggies and I didn't know that by going by the weight on the Walmart ones that I would be in BIG trouble. You see, in walmart diapers it says Ty is a size 3-4. Yes... my almost 5 year old is LITTLE. In fact we went to the doctor because he was so not feeling well that his Doc. mentioned our little weight problem.

He wasn't allowed to go to school on that Tuesday ( and then the bus thing happened on Wed!) but he went through more than ten diapers in a day. Poor kid. His butt was not a happy camper. I do have to say, my dad's carpet machine saved my life!

Ty had Rotovirus. I was up to me elbows in poop and thank goodness it passed in a few days!

( sorry.. no pictures!)

*side note: This was last week but we like to have a record of what is going on in our world. Again... I had "issues" last week"

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