Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 20th- The birthday party

*Please forgive the back dates but I have had some "issues"*

In March we got a knock on the door one morning and it was a little boy that is in Ty's class in church. He was walking with his mom around inviting his "Friends" to his birthday. Ty was so excited. Since he doesn't talk we can only go by what his actions are. So I explain to him what a birthday is, ( he knows ( thank you Barney) and showed him the invitation.

He carried the invitation around for 3 days.

The day of the party he had been kind of Crabby. We weren't sure if we should send him but it was REALLY nice of the little boy to invite Tyler. So we took him.
(Turns out a few days later we got Rotovirus!)

So we walked up the street to the party and it was one where I was suppose to leave him there and walk away. The dad of the little boy was Ty's old primary teacher so he was doing ALL he could to make Ty happy.

Ty was given a balloon and still not letting me out of his sight ( HAHA sight... bwahhh) But, I decided to just go for it and make him branch out and deal. I explained that J's mommy would call me if something was wrong and I kinda ran out the door and kept walking home.

No phone call came from the mom. Dallas was gone so I had a quiet house for a little while.

I went to pick him up and he was JUST FINE! Shocked.. nope. He has been doing SO well. He gets a little upset at the beginning of us leaving him somewhere but overall he is doing so well. He LOVES and almost craves having the interaction with the kids. It pushes him to do so much more. And the kids that he has been interacting with are patient with him.

So why is it such a big deal? It is his first party that is without a mom. But most of all the little boy was SO excited to have Tyler there. His mom was so sweet and it meant so much more to me than she probably ever knows.

Because I know that Ty is "behind" and that it is obvious that he is different it is hard to know where exactly we fit. Obviously sending him in to a room of 4/5 year olds is above his level. But we have also found that given those that we are around ( like his cute little church class) they seem to adapt to him VERY well. I know we will have our times where the adaptations are not there and we see if often but we have seen some pretty amazing things.

I know for the mom, it was a big deal. For the mom, I appreciate more than they will ever know wanting my sweet boy to come over and to spend time with them.

* a funny side note: When I went to pick up Tyler the first thing the mom told was she was sorry.. he fell down! I laughed. I said he falls all the time. She was SOOO worried that because he fell that he would be broken... it was cute!*

P.S- the photo is from my Iphone. He was trying to find his balloon that he had "let go" and everyone was trying to get! aka.. quality is kinda sucky!

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Angie said...

I LOVE IT!!! How sweet! I'm so happy that your ward seems to be a good fit for you guys and Ty.