Monday, April 5, 2010

You can have them back!

Growing up I wanted 12 kids. YEP not kidding. I had it all planned out. I was going to have a football team. It was going to be all boys and there was no way I was going to have a girl. Girls would turn out to be DRAMA and my mom wished that I would have someone "just like me" and well.. Since I am a princess and a COOL person I will opt for NO!

So when we found out we were expecting and found out we were having a boy I kinda chuckled. BUT about this time and when 25 weeks rolled around ( and more so after our "issues" " 12 was NOT going to happen. And as of now, 5 years after the fact, Tyler is STILL an only child. ( yes part of it was by choice the other part NO.... a WHOLE other post)

Anyway, yesterday my sister called and asked us to come with them to an Easter egg hunt by the Make a wish foundation. And I would be taking my sisters kids home with me. Her are SO freaking hilarious. So we get there after the main event and my kid was still freaked out by EVERYTHING. We met up with his cousins.

Ty FREAKED because they had their face painted and it scared him. So we spent driving to our next destination listening to Ty scream. When we FINALLY figured out what was wrong little Kayden would cover his eyes and say "TY TY it is JUST me Kayden."

We decided to get lunch at BK's and let the kids play till their heart was content. The only picture of the day was Ty and Kayden. He was so excited to get Ty up to to the top of the play place. We had Koy pushing Ty and Kayden pulling to get him all the way to the top but then getting them all OUT of the play place was the hard part.

(sorry about the photo.... taken on my iphone)
When we got home we borrowed a wagon and walked to the park where we played for 3 hours. Then we walked home and PLAYED outside. Ty was fine with the face painting as long as they were all busy.

We took them home. Koy was EXHAUSTED and he ended up crashing. Ty was exhausted and ended up crashing.

The more time we spend with his cousins the better they are with Tyler. They are REALLY good with Tyler. Lexi wasn't there but she is SO protective of Tyler. Koy thinks that Ty is smaller than him and tends to try to carry Tyler. They know that Tyler is different than them. Kayden is especially "concerned" and asks a lot of questions. Kayden is 5.

On the way home from Burger King Kayden asked if when Tyler gets bigger will he walk better and not walk funny? When I explained that when Tyler was born he was really really little and sick and that he was the size of a barbie something happened to the inside of his head. He didn't understand why "they" can't fix it.

But in true Kayden fashion he said that "it is OK that they couldn't fix it cause we would help him right Nana..." And he is right. We can't fix it. We can only encourage him to keep up with the boys. Those around him that love him and want him to succeed will help him. The little kiddos will be his voice when Ty needs it.

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