Thursday, March 4, 2010

We LOVE mail!

Remember the post announcing we won a Barney video? Well, UPS came by while Ty was at school ( He was almost home.) So I left it on the front porch and thought I would take pictures of it instead. So To The Max, this fun stuff is for you!

Ty was getting off the bus. We had to check the regular mail first.
He finally realized that HE had mail on the steps and was looking around.

If this picture had sound!
Seriously he as so excited. I loved it. Especially since I KNEW what was inside.

Every day after school we sit on the bottom steps and go through his backpack. He STILL made us but he wouldn't let go of the package.

See... not letting it go!

As soon as we were done looking at his school stuff he signed dad and took off. Honestly, he signs dad.... Frequently.
So we took off and went downstairs to dads "office" and we opened the package.

( The video is so that we can have sound. His sounds are HILARIOUS!)
So if you don't want to see Ty for 2 whole minutes don't push play. It does show how we communicate most of the time. He does a pretty good job. We love him to bits!!
( Oh and it was taken on my little camera/video so any time I zoomed the sound goes out. Hooray for not pulling out our nice video camera. Maybe I SHOULD look for it)

And for those not fluent on Tyler language.. The hitting of his head is his way of saying "Dad" and the pulling is his way of saying he wanted it off or PULLED open. He is saying wow a few times and ohhhh... And he was showing Barney his movie too!


Lauriann said...

That video of Ty was so cute !

Robin said...

That video of Tyler made me cry. Its the first time I have seen him except for pics. I LOVED being able to hear him and seeing him talk. He is SOOOOOOO CUTE, ADORABLE, and PRECIOUS. He's a little miracle that has grown into a big miracle. I CAN'T WAIT untill I get to meet my "nephew" (and you and Dallas). Thank You SOOOOOO MUCH for the video.

Amber said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR WAAAYYY COOL DVD TYLER!!! DITTO to what Robin wrote. Keep the videos (and pictures) coming!!! We are planning on visiting your area at the end of the summer on a family vacation. We will have to schedual a visit or 2 (or 3) while we are there. SLY!!!!!

Amber said...


Ellen said...

It totally made me tear up, too, to see how excited Tyler was in this video. It just made my week. He was clearly meant to have it! And I loved seeing the way he communicates. GOOOOO, TYLER!

Grandma Labrum said...

I love him showing Barney the movie. He (Tyler, not Barney) is one of my sweet boys and I love him.

Shannon said...

That is so adorable. He is so obviously excited! I love it when he's showing Barney his movie.

April Stutzman said...

Thank You for sharing such a sweet moment with us! Ty is so precious!

Amelia said...

That was so cute! Oliver watched it with me, and afterwords he waved bye bye; he wanted to go see Tyler. I told him we couldn't go to Tyler's house today and he FREAKED out. Total temper tantrum. So, when are we getting together? :)

Chantel said...

What a cute kid. I loved it when he shows Barney the movie! Enjoy :)

Matt and Brianna said...

So sweet!!! I loved it!