Sunday, March 7, 2010

CBC 10 and more!

I posted a quick little "snippet" of the conference I get to attend. I am SO excited. I told Dallas I wanted to attend and he offered to buy me a ticket if I really wanted to go. I sad no, because we don't have the budget that we "use" to have.

Instead I asked and to those who ask... They receive right!

So, I would like to Thank MormonMommyblogs for offering to pay my conference ticket. I was and am so excited

So reasons that I am excited: Adult interaction, Girls night outs, 2 days of learning and learning about something that might be able to grow into something else. I think I like that.

I have always wanted my blog to reach out to someone else and give them hope.. So maybe by attending I can reach out FURTHER.

The CBC10 is going to be great. So many great speakers and classes and girls and moms and bloggers everywhere~

So.... A HUGE shout out once a again! Thank you for sending me to CBC10!

I'm Going to the CBC!

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Amber said...

WOW!!! It is about time your families luck to change to good things. I hope you really enjoy the conference. SLY!!!!!