Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new application for the iphone/itouch/ipad called Voice4u.

I was really excited to try this App. Last week the communication device we tried in speech left Tyler crying and screaming. This seems to be the trend with every device that we have tried. We have tried switches, PECS, nothing, devices that talk, devices that light up. EVERYTHING.

PECS was the most successful. Which is why I was excited for this App.

So upon Downloading the application I went through and tried the pictures all out. I was excited to see the amount of PEC like picture.

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The PEC pictures were simple and easy for me to see. However, just being on an iphone the pictures are "small" for a visually impaired kiddo. Which is why I am excited for the Ipad to see how large the photos will be. So not a total negative.

Positives of the program:
  • Ty thinks that anything on the Iphone or Touch is fair game for him and he enjoys being on the Iphone so he will try it.
  • The amount of pictures and choices are great
  • The ability to upload and record a familiar voice is nice even when a "computerized" voice is available. That helps with sensory kids A LOT.
  • The ability to control the volume. Most communication devices have one volume. Loud.
  • In theory Tyler would be able to use this.
  • I was a little disappointed that simple words like Mom and Dad were not pre programmed in. We would have to do those our self. Which is fine but would like to have had them on their originally. *reasoning for me: He isn't following our voice sound for some words so having DAD in there with another voice might be a better option than our own*
  • I would like the ability to make my own lists. Ty isn't going to be able to browse quickly enough to do what he needs. But if I had a list or folder for afternoon activities and have 4 or five items in it he could use that folder to tell me what he wants.
Overall I really liked the program and plan to take it with me to his next speech at Shriner's to see if it is something that she thinks we could use with him. I am also looking forward to showing my nephew who is non verbal and see how he likes the program. Ty is one that has to be worked on slowly. I am excited to see how he progresses with it.

Biggest feature change for me is the category or the need for simpler folders or the ability to make and label and change mine around so it is easier for him to use. Maybe as he gets older and can understand more the need for the categories won't be there.

But great Application.

Cost: In comparison to an actual communicative device the price of $29.99 is rather cheap. I think that as technology continues in the new trend of touch screens and communication pads that this app has awesome potential to help so many people.

Voice4u- Awesome job. I am impressed and will recommend this on the boards I am on. I plan to keep trying with Tyler and it will be one we try on the Ipad. Then a awesome update will be added.

* This was a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time and given the application for free for the review*

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Kat Fulton said...

Amazing! I love what technology is doing for our wonderful children these days! Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing this ~