Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and other tales of the Preschool world

So last week was Dr. Seuss birthday. I am SURE you all remembered and spent days honoring our beloved green eggs and ham Man.
NO! you didn't....
No Fail... Tyler DID!!!

Ty got off the bus looking like this Last week.....

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and I have kindly pointed out the "wrongs" in this photo!
1) The "W" sit... while not "wrong" per se but you see he was NEVER suppose to do this. And now we can thank Phenol and botox and casting to get our kid to sit in this awkward and detrimental position. HOORAY!
2) The sticker: Well you see, we were NOT visitors of Shriners that day. But Barney the beloved was wearing a sticker and Tyler JUST HAD to have it. So we sported Visitor on our clothes from Shriners for 2 days.
3) my dirt: well that would be.. MY DIRT. Which will more than happily disappear in the next few days as I clean carpets THANKS to my Dad!! ( thanks dad..)
4) my mess.... well that is clothes of the T that have yet to make it up the stairs. HOORAY for my amazing house keeping skills.

BUT most importantly... do you see on our Sensory filled head a HAT!!!!!! That hat stayed on till bath time. Where is was retired in glory.
And since Preschool repeats on WED what they did on Tuesday for activity we got ANOTHER one the next day. He LOVES it.

Here he is reading his book... with his Hat... He is a really good kid!

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Then today it was such a NICE day outside that we spent most of the afternoon doing things in the garage and cars. I scrubbed the inside of the jeep out and Ty decided he would help the neighbor with her rock bed.
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Poor kid doesn't get that we can't throw every rock we see. His whole yard USE to be a rock bed. But now we leave GAPPING wholes where rocks belong. Poor lady!

No worries... we put them all in buckets and took them over and poured them out. 2 big bucket full of rocks.
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And after the rocks were put away he took off up the street where he heard kids playing and he stayed there. Glad I was out so I could see him run away!

I think he needs a friend !

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Melissa said...

That is some exiting things for Tyler! Glad you shared. My little Josh who has many sensory issues has yet to wear a hat. I hope one day he will see the fun in that. Ty looks like he had a great couple of days. And rocks.... well that is all boy!!!