Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spread the word to END The word!

I grew up in a town that had several people who were mentally disabled. They had downs syndrome. Some where very severe and others not as much. I know their names. Mandy, Jennifer, Justin and Jared. I was not afraid of them in any way.

I loved them.

Especially Justin and Jared.

Justin and Jared where special. they were the most perfect people in the entire world. They don't know how to fight when someone was to call them names. They knew love and only love. It is what they have ingrained in them. Its not taught it is in their bones.

I am not innocent. I have used the "the word" many times. I think it and sometimes want to say it. But since having Tyler it hurts a LOT more to hear it used.

Many of you are thinking "Tyler isn't Retarded, so why does it bother you?" Why? you ask....

Google the definition of Retard and you get this:
  • cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate; UM that would be Tyler. HE does move more slowly and does things at a slower rate than "normal"
  • be delayed: um ... yeah we are delayed
  • check: slow the growth or development of: Yep us again.

  • a person of subnormal intelligence : Our child cannot talk so he is considered "less than" normal intelligence.
So the definitions meet someone that I love VERY VERY much. The definitions match to someone that I hope YOU love to. And in turn I would BEG of you to take a look at what you are staying and CHANGE. Change the word. Don't USE the word.

I am guilty of using this word since having Tyler and I am ashamed that I did. I try so hard to NOT get upset and not get angry. But PLEASE help us not use that word.

Someone I love and someone I am trying to raise to be a good person and do what he can ( even if it is bagging groceries at the store) that he is someone. And that he is smart. And that he is loving and caring. And not that he is Retarded.

And now a word from our sponsor:

So in HONOR of someone that I love with an intellectual disability along with a physical one PLEASE PLEASE stop the R word. Go and pledge to STOP using it!

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