Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ever had something....

Ever had something you really wanted to get off your chest but realize that you just can't seem to write it down. Even if it is YOUR own blog and no one else HAS to read it. Or that you might be judged harshly from something you say... Yeah... that would be my head right now!

I literally have SIX blogs I have started that I just can't bear to finish. I want to express so many things and feel that I need to write but haven't had a chance to really express them correctly or in a way that might not come off as negative, angry, upset or hateful.

So I am sticking to a few safe posts.... With lots of pictures. Cause I like those.

This past week has not been the best of weeks. It has been better in regards to my mental health and the Lupron and my endometriosis but I kinda sorta got sick with a cold. Dallas also got it and Mr. T didn't. I am almost certain that the little Toot that was sitting next to Mr. T on the bus sent it home with T.

Monday's therapy left me impressed with Tyler and sad that we are looking at a few months of NO therapy. Not sure what to do with out having SOMETHING. So I am on the look out for something. If not a lot of swimming is gonna be in our near future.

This week went by fairly quick though and we were back to early wake ups from Mr. T and school and all the fun stuff. Because I was sick my poor house keeping skills really suffered. And I don't get enough sleep.

Dallas has the crud and we are heading him into the docs tomorrow!

The week came and it went. Saturday we were having a Aunties lunch with my moms sisters in Provo so me and Nicky and my mom head of there. My dad and Dallas get to hold down the fort. Lexi, Koy and Kayden and Tyler are here playing.

Ty had a blast with his cousins.So that is what we are writing about. And posting photos about...

So here you go!! The kids playing...

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And then after we went to Cabella's, feed the fish, walked through the free aquarium and then sent everyone home... HOORAY for quiet.

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The day was good. The day was long. Tyler was EXHAUSTED. He has so much fun with the kids. I half wish we would have "Started" a little earlier in our endeavor to produce more spawn so he would have more friends. But I guess that is what it is.

Stay tuned for some fun and exciting honest, blunt and raw feelings.


Amber said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I hope Dallas feels better soon and that Ty does not get sick at all. I LOVE Cabellas (sp?) too!! Although I hate anything that has come from a taxidermist, for some reason I enjoy looking at all the animal displays.

Amelia said...

It's good to see YOU in some of your pictures! We mommies often get stuck permanently behind the lens. Looks like a fun day!