Monday, February 1, 2010

Dallas turned 28!

It has been a week so I thought I would add his Birthday stuff. A ton of blog posts are floating in my head and a few are on my other blog but for now but here is the goods.

The Sunday before Dallas' birthday we had the traditional Sunday dinner at his parents house. They do one every week but the birthday person gets to choose. His mom had called earlier in the week to try and brain storm a present but frankly Dallas is HARD to shop for. His favorite things tend to cost a little more than birthday budget would allow ( think Apple store galore) and so some gifts tend to be cash... or nothing :)

After a yummy dinner we had presents from his sisters and his parents. I was saving mine till Monday where I had tried ( and failed miserably) to produce a surprise here and there. Dallas' mom did an EXCELLENT job of finding something he could and would and did really want.

They gave him a REALLY nice BBQ tool set. Complete with carry straps on the bag and a luggage claim slip! His current set was washed in the dishwasher a few times ( by yours truly) and a new set was very much needed. Thanks to his others sisters he also received some cards and cash!

Dallas isn't a huge cake fan but you can still blow out candles on Brownies so after the traditional songs he was able to enjoy a big brownie desert. All in preparation for the real celebration the next night!

Monday was his birthday and I decided to try super hard to have ONE surprise. So since he is hard to buy for we agreed he should have a massage. But instead of just a nice massage envy he would go to his friend Jenni who does some amazing amazing work.
His favorite food is Sushi and so we decided to go back to the little more classy downtown restaurant that seems to have the best quality of raw fish that he likes to eat. So off we went. We invited his mom and dad if they wanted to go and anyone else was welcome. Kids aren't very "appropriate" so we had to find a sitter. ( I won't go into sitter drama) but we had Auntie Sheena watch him. Tyler LOVES LOVES Sheena. ( Side note: Sheena is also the only name Tyler will say.. So every night at prayers he says thanks for SHHa.) So she was more than Happy to take him for the evening. So with Pizza in the oven and Sheena here we took off.

I had made some arrangements earlier in the day for a surprise desert that the Brown's introduced me to when I first met for the first birthday dinner ( Which was actually Crystals) and I KNEW that I would surprise him with a box of delicious Oreo mint cookies from Schmidt's bakery. So After Shriners therapy and a funeral viewing, Tyler and I went to the bakery and got his dad some really yummy cookies.

I wrapped the box ( pretty much Ghetto) and then ordered a one our photo print of a gift certificate. The certificate was for his massage. I upgraded the massage to 2 hours. Ty and I left to get it at the LAST second to make sure that we would have it for the dinner.

Low and behold Might walmart screwed up and it wasn't printed. I was so sad. I literally cried when I had nothing Tangible but my credit card receipt for his massage. But at least we had the cookies.

Once Sheena was there we were off and we were ready for a yummy dinner. Dinner was great. It tasted wonderful. We had great company and most of all I got to spend it with D.

We headed home and he will be enjoying his massage when he decides to take 2 hours out of his busy life working WAY to hard and go get one.

He also got to hear the Happy birthday song a million times and Tyler and Barney practiced blowing out the candles and hearing SHHH we don't talk about the cake a BILLION and one times.

It was a Great Birthday~
*Thank you mom and Dad Labrum for the gift card to red lobster ( I totally stole it.. but don't tell Dallas) And Barrett and Chantel for the extra EXTRA effort to mail ( ON TIME) a gift card for him ( that hasn't been hijacked from me yet) your extra effort meant a lot.*

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