Thursday, February 4, 2010

February: The anniversary month

This February starts a Wonderfully busy month of anniversaries for us! In fact if we can get through it we will be looking at much better odds.

Our average for Valentines spent together as a couple is 1 in 4.. we are hoping to make that 2-5. What do you think our odds are of getting to spend that day OUTSIDE a hospital?

What has kept up in the hospital for this day:

Feb14, 2006 Tyler was scheduled for his first craniosynostosis surgery. It meant a week in the ICU and a day or 2 in the infant unit. Cranisosynostosis is the premature fusion of his sutures in his head. We were told at that time it was less than one percent chance we would be doing this again.

Feb 14th 2007: Tyler was the one percent and we had to do a total skull reconstruction in the mean time Dallas was trying to get us ready to move to a new state.

Feb.14th 2008 We got to spend together because his seizure monitoring went faster than normal and they were able to get him home faster. So it was the FIRST time we spend valentines TOGETHER.

Feb14th 2009 was met with a child in the ICU at banner desert from emergency brain surgery. So all plans we had were canceled to prepare for him to come home. Home coming from brain surgery includes all carpets cleaned from top to bottom. All surfaces bleach and floors scrubbed till you can eat on them .

So what predictions can you make for Feb.14Th this year?

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