Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it Spring yet!?

We passed groundhog day and the darn thing "saw" his shadow. So they SAY that it we will have more winter. I really hope not. We are getting stir crazy indoors.

The weather has been playing massive tricks on us as we go about thinking it is winter. While it has not been NEAR as cold as we thought it would be and the last of the massive storms have long since melted. In its place it has left mud and brown grass and the SAD ( seasonal depression) and the not nice effects of hormones. The muggy nasty inversion some days is enough to make a grown person cry.

BUT yesterday the clouds broke and we had a WARM 50 degree day. It was a hard day to want to go out and DO but Ty was fine going out in the back yard and playing.

He was asking me to come on. He kept saying GO! So we went.

He saw a soccer ball and signed ball and was off to throw and play and laugh.

BUT in the corner of the yard there is still that NASTY sign of winter and Ty in no shoes was off to try and savor the moment. I think he LIKES the winter. Either that or he likes to eat the "ice."

And that nice 50 degree weather with the sun shinning and nice weather was replaced today with overcast rainy skies. Snow on the forecast for tomorrow and a winter storm warning on the horizon.

I sure hope the six weeks hurries itself up!

PS. Ty doesn't like to wear shoes. Once he is home from school getting shoes on to go play outside only works if we are LEAVING the house to go somewhere. So back off and don't judge. you don't REALLY get a cold from no shoes. Ask my brother!


Shannon said...

Looks like a great day! I'm with Ty on the shoes - hate 'em and I personally have NEVER gotten a cold from not wearing them! Hope the warmth and sunshine keep coming.

Grandma Labrum said...

He has so much fun in the snow, and outside. It's a good thing the back yard is fenced in or you wouldn't be able to keep trach of him this year.