Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Winter

As most of you know I am back to being an official STAY AT HOME MOM! That's right. My amazingly awesome job consists of Tyler, cleaning, laundry a few meals every now and again ( ugh) and being a wife to the most amazing man EVER!

The only problem is it is Winter.

For the last 2 years we have spent the Winter in sure bliss as far as weather and temperature is concerned. ( I am not complaining of the cold I promise) It is hard going from spending every single day a few times a day in the HOT HOT pool to the temps that we are in right now. Last year we were still in the High 60's low 70's and every now and then MAYBE 50's but it was "spend the time at the park weather." We are currently struggling A LOT with activities to do.

He goes to Shriner's Hospital every Monday so pretty much the whole day is spent getting there, playing, working and crying. The ride home usually puts him to sleep. Once home only a few hours till Dad gets home. So cleaning up the mess and "deoverloading."

Tuesday - Friday he is in school half a day. Its that "other half" of the day that we are struggling. The snow has hindered the park and I am sadly disappointed that all indoor activities are not overly appropriate for Ty just yet ( or are so germ ridden that we have to abstain for now) We spent a little time in the pool this week and if I wasn't currently "sick" would might think of going tomorrow.

If anyone out there knows of any good activities that are indoor PLEASE let me know?

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Amber said...

CONGRATULATIONS on having the BEST job back again!!!! I hope you get to keep the job for the rest of your life. SLY!!!!