Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sensory Overload most call a Haircut

Holy mother of overloads! Ty just had a majorly sensory overload. Holy smokes. Tyler was in desperate need of a hair cut. Like he REALLY needed to get rid of the wings he was sporting. He is not the kid that lets you just comb it and his hair isn't really the hair that will stay down even with gel and Mousse.

See what I mean... WINGS... WINGS. The kid could fly away.
So, out of the need to get out of the house today we braved cookie cutters hair salon to get a hair cut.... I told him we were going there. I told him that it wouldn't hurt. I told him he needed to be brave. He ran off and played...

THEN came his name being called. I think we scared the poor mom waiting to get her kids hair done. As I calmly HELD MY CHILD DOWN and tied him into the chair and then HELD him down more she kept looking and asking if we needed a sucker or something.

I was surprisingly calm. He was not surprisingly horrified. The dude doing the cutting though did a great job.

We went ultra short. I am usually not so OK with ultra short but I am more so no OK with the drama that comes with it. The other not so OK is the scars. I don't like them showing. He is brave without battle wounds.

A sucker and balloon curbed the tears after.

He looks handsome!

( sorry for not the WHOLE head showing. Once he knows his picture is being taken he jumps around like a wild monkey. But you get the gist.. NO MORE WINGS!


Amber said...

WOW! What a workout you all get when doing a haircut!!! My brother is the same way when it comes to cutting his toenails.

The Henrys said...

Haircuts are so frustrating! I asked around and found a wonderful woman who comes to our home to cut Gracie's hair. It makes things a little better and at least we are not creating a scene!

Maybe you could try to find one who will come to your house? When we went to the salon, I would tell them that my child has special needs and ask for a stylist who will work well with her. We have had a few who were awful, so I always ask first.

~NICKY~ said...

he is so handsome.. and i liked his wings! :)