Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year means new ideas and new things

Every year I do new years resolutions but I never really do them. But there are a few things I want to work on this year.

But recap first of 2009!~

January: We went on a trip to Utah with Shriner's hospital to get information as to what our next step was. We opted for botox and later when we moved we received Phenol injections in December due to muscle tone changes over the year.

February: Tyler was in the OR with ANOTHER emergency Shunt malfunction. This time we didn't wait as long as last time but still it was traumatic. He came out smiling and happy. We love him. And we got 2 fish. They were in a tank that Dallas made. They fish didn't last long.

March: We played a lot. My whole month is filled with pictures of us going to the swings, the park, SWIMMING, bubbles, laughing and fun.

April: Was filled with warm fun days as well. We went to the Zoo and enjoyed the monkey's up close and personal. We swam outside a lot and even swam in the cooler before we had a pool.

May: We had a few big appointments in May. He had an ABR and eye exams which turned out that he could hear and his eyes are still on watch for retina detachment. Meaning he still gets 3-6 week appointments on his poor eyes. I also started the bad luck of wrecking our cars.

June: I wreck and Total our other vehicle while picking up the vehicle that I had just wrecked in may. Dallas went to the Apple convention and I went to Utah to visit family. While there we got and survived the SWINE flu. We were SICK SICK

July: Speech, speech and more speech was done in July. Ty started back in swimming lessons and did really well. We got a new car. We got casted for new afo/smo's and Ty went back to school!!

August: Ty starts his 2nd year at preschool in Queen Creek. His class is small and I am really excited for it. We also make the decision to move back to Utah. Though not rash it was quick... Really it was a thought out decision.....

September: We are moving to Utah. House found, schools set up. Back to where our family is. Ty had a awesome birthday with a Rocket cake and he got a new bike.

October: Halloween at his new school. He was so cute. Shriner's hospital was a frequent place for us. Ty is scheduled for Phenol injections in December. A sweet dear family friend passed way and we went to Grandma's to visit.

November: I went back to work for a bit. School and work like usual. We get to spend Thanksgiving with both of our Families and Uncle Barrett, Chantel, Max and Morgan get to come and play.

December: We did phenol shots and serial casting. Ty was in casts for about 2.5 weeks. School ended for the year. ( And boy is Ty ready for Tuesday!) Grandpa Rue passed away so an emergency trip to Orangeville was made. Uncle Barrett and Chantel and Morgan and Max came back to visit. We were SOOOOOOOO excited.. Sad about Grandpa's passing but glad they came for Christmas.

I have no magical resolutions for myself this year. I have one goal. Read my Book of Mormon. I have a child that 4 days a week goes to preschool. I need to sit down every morning after he gets on the bus and read my scriptures. I have a 100 day program that should get me through in at LEAST 100 days.

I have lost a bit of weight this holiday season ( like 20 pounds~) and would like to keep it up. I want my clothes not to fit by Summer. So I am looking at something I enjoy doing to fill up the rest of the time while Ty is at school. Guess we will see. All of you who have been running races the last few months and year have really inspired me to get more healthy.

As a mom I want to keep Tyler entertained better. Barney rocks but a book ALL day is even better. I don't lose my patience with him often so I would like to keep that up.

Wife.... Well there are a lot I could do more of to be a better wife. But the most important is to tell him I love him every day and make sure I show him how amazing he is.

Photography: JUST GET BETTER... take more pictures, learn more things.

Overall I want to be a better person. More forgiving, understanding and loving.

Hope 2010 is a little less eventful medical wise and still full of memories that we can take with us. Family is the most important. All of them..... there are much bigger things to be offended over than something someone did or didn't do. I love them and need to show my love and care more.

Happy New Year

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Amber said...

HAPPY 2010!!!!! I bet you are glad 2009 is over with all the medical trials you had. I hope 2010 is much better for you all!!!! SLY!!!! BTW I updated my family blog. Go take a look.