Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Maxwell

I would like to introduce to you MAX! He is so cute! And Mischievous. The picture doesn't' do the eyes justice. He came to Utah for his 4th birthday. He was so excited that he got a Dinosaur cake. He was such a good kid. He jumped on the tramp, and played with cars and got a tool box for his birthday.

When Max was not born yet I was excited that Tyler and Max would be the exact same age... ( meaning like 5 days apart) But as luck would have it Max gets his own birthday ( with Jesus of course :) ) Max is a trooper for sharing his birthday. This year was the first year we have all been together for his birthday. It has taken 4 years!

SOOOOO Happy Birthday Maxwell!! We are so glad you are in our family. We can't wait till you are all here for July!

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Chantel said...

Thanks for the birthday wish!! I love the picture you have of him :) The tool box was a hit as well. Thanks for thinking of him.