Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Grandpa and his pallbearers
It was cold and the ground was slippery. Plus I think my brother is handsome
and a pretty nice guy.
IMG_9191 My uncle Larry gave a awesome and very spiritual prayer. He is a tough guy and seeing his emotions makes me realize how real we all are.

This guy is cute! He is getting so old that he had to have his wife stand behind the flag and help hold him up. But he was so Proud do be a vetran.


Grandpa had beautiful flowers and sprays. I loved them. He truly is a great man.

More on Grandpa Rue a little later


Grandma Labrum said...

I love that picture of Bro. Huntington. I will copy it and give it to his family. He was a councilor in the bisoprice with Dad. I want to find the name of the man tho played the bugle so I can give him a copy of the picture because it is such a good picture. I heard Uncle Royce behind me say, "There is no sound as beautiful as that bugle." You could tell he was having a difficult time getting sounds to ring in the cold but it was so awesome there in the cold to hear that beautiful tone. It was a wonderful service, even with all the snow. Kind of quieted things down. Thanks for the pictures and I can't wait to see more.

The Henrys said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. The pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing them.

Tammy said...

I too think Barrett is very handsome.

Brother Huntington was so cold that he could not move in the end. He had a few people help him to his car. It was like he was literally frozen.

Amelia said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures, Nancy. Really really good. Funerals are tough from an emotional standpoint, esp. if it's for someone you were close to (the only funeral I've ever photographed was my BFFs) but that emotion makes it very easy on the photographer, if you can capture the little moments. And you did. I'm sorry for the loss of your grandpa. I think your photographs do it justice.

~NICKY~ said...

The pictures that were taken are priceless. I would like a copy them. I LOVE that picture of Barrett walking with mom. I think Barrett is so handsome and that picture is priceless. I think as sisters, we are very proud of our brother and the way he has lived his life.