Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Sunday Afternoon

Today just plain out sucked. I half wished we could have a do over but since Time travel is not real I will have to deal with MOVE ON Travel.

This morning my sweet little boy woke around 5 am where he graciously came in to sleep with mom. We have it down now. I move my pillow over and Ty gets the middle, I turn my back on his so he won't stay awake and I PRAYER he goes back to sleep. It didn't happen but he nicely and very cutely gave me a BIG kiss after kicking my privates a dozen times with his spastic toes and me getting more and more angry with each muscle tormenting kick.

After the big kiss he signed food, and smacked another one on my! Gave in and took him downstairs. Made him french toast sticks and sat him on a towel to not lose the integrity of my carpet and because I was to asleep to make him "dip" at the table.

I was allowed to lay down for about half a hour before we got ready for church. Which was the same time that Dallas informed me his throat was on fire and he was not feeling well.

GREAT! Not to be the germ people at church but WE are not them. We stay home at signs of sickness. instead, I worked at picking you the house and hanging up clothes and doing laundry. The same stuff I do every day while also trying to keep Tyler entertained.

Finally right before noon Ty wants to go outside. Which I think THANK YOU LORD! He wants to do something. I wake up Dallas who has been asleep for awhile in hopes that by having him GET UP he will sleep tonight . So he went out and sat with us on the steps. I brought in a few boxes and came back out to find Ty and Dallas.... doing this......
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Dallas took Ty off the cement to try out his grass legs and we got this :
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The new stash of rocks is from our Neighbors yard and school. We were lacking in the rock department so I didn't think anyone would notice. So we stocked up!

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Dallas went in to lay down after not feeling so hot and Tyler got more and more daring. He went and found himself a BIRD. It was a nice bird that liked to eat ROCKS.. It didn't make any sound and it almost got tipped over!
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Ty and this bird were all talk and all serious!
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And in the talk I am pretty sure Rock bird said he was Hungry!
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We spent the rest of the day in an out and blowing bubbles and eating pizza and being chased by a vacuum. I would have liked the day of rest at the church but tomorrow is another day a new beginning.

Ty doesn't have school on Monday so we are thinking of doing a mom activity if anyone wants to join us. Something small like the park, or library story hour ( the kids library here has 2 hours tomorrow) or the pool in the afternoon. Maybe a trip to the farm at thanksgiving point or even cabellas and the fish or the aquarium. We have lots of Mondays to see how it will all go. Anyone game?


Melissa said...

I am sorry it wasn't such a great day. We were home from church for the same reason. Our ward thinks we are the worst at attendence. Oh well. I am so glad Ty did some new things!

Tammy said...

We can do something next Monday and even the Monday after!