Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Mom day

Today was a much better day. Though it started out pretty rough and I have had a crying headache all day I tried to make the best of it and we did Mom and Tyler ( with Dad) ALLLLLL day.

The night was rough for Dallas so he was up working EARLY. Ty came in around 3 am and I was up and down with him from 4 am on. The phrase of the early morning was GO TO SLEEP the sun is not up yet. My dang blinds had other loyalties around 7 and Ty was up for the day. I told Ty he had to be nice to mommy or he would be napping in the afternoon. ( An idle threat for fear of not sleeping in the night.)

After a emotional morning and LOTS of tears from mom ( not Tyler) we took off with Dad to exchange some sandals that they ended up not having any more of so we just bought shoes. And we headed into Cabela's for free fish aquarium. I don't mind the big aquarium but Ty loses interest rather fast. We walked around looking at the stuffed animals that he like MOST of and even said "Da" for deer at a few parts.

We ate lunch at the Cabela Cafe and took Dad home. Tyler and I decided against walking down to the Kids library on the corner and drove. The sky was not looking kind and we were glad we decided to drive.

The library is mostly kids books but we read a few and then found a Barney book. Barney talked about playing with friends and so we went outside. A little girl from the neighborhood came out with her mom and She would RUN past the end of the slide where Ty was and he would watch her, hop of the slide and take off as fast as those little legs would let him. He didn't dare go all the way up the big slide but he would slide down the little ones and wait for her and then follow her. It was way cute.

( excuse the not great quality of photos.. they are pretty good quality for a cell/iphone but still)
We left the park in time to miss the down pour but in last second decision decided to bring daddy a drink so we went to the gas station. As we were waiting in line to pay a big crash of thunder came down and we were in a DOWNPOUR. Some nice man offered to help us to the car with our drinks and Ty was SOAKED and smiling.

By the time we got down around the corner the rain stopped for a minute and we got in safe and sound. Later though Ty would stand at the window with his mouth open trying to get the rain that would come through the screen.

We spent the rest of the afternoon bundled and blowing bubbles. We took one last excursion outside where he threw rocks till it started to rain and mommy had to go to school .

The lesson I learned to day while watching my sweet miracle try and run and chase after that little girl was this. He keeps falling. BUT he always gets up. His little heart and his little Spirit is so large and so big that nothing keeps him down. He was right back up like nothing had happened. Time after time after time.

It is times like that, with tears in my eyes ( again) that I am reminded of his worth. Of my worth as his mother and at my HONOR from my Heavenly Father as to why he is mine. As inadequate as I feel and have felt the last few days I know that he is my miracle.

In the words of Dumbos mommy " All those same people who scold you, what they'd give just for the right to hold you!"

You are my hero ! Thank you for reminding me to get back up. And get back up again. And keep on going.


Melissa said...

It's so amazing to see these kids that have a hard time walking, fall and get right back up over and over. My little Josh is the same way. He never gives up and falls alot, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

carly said...

It's hard, but we know that they are worth every frustrating moment, every tantrum, every hospital visit, surgery, learning disability, physical disability and all the other things we see them experience. Special little spirits, they are.

~NICKY~ said...

Ty is so handsome! He is so determined, he always has been.

Janet said...

Hey I think I live in the same area as you... :)

Is that park behind the library and have a tennis court too?

Janet said...

we live on the other side of thanksgiving point, but we go to that park like everyday so Ben and the kids can play tennis! But that is so awesome! We should get together sometime. :)