Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do you feel like you are going crazy!?

Have you ever felt super super overwhelmed and emotionally a disaster and crazy!? Yeah that would be me right now.

Ty has been such a *hard* kid the last few days. I don't know how else to put it without others thinking I am complaining or ungrateful in some way. I am very thankful for him and LOVE being a mom but COME ON! Does he really have to whine and cry ALL day. Does he really have to throw temper tantrums and have total meltdowns for no reason. OK there are reasons but it stems back to something I cannot and he cannot control.

Tuesday was probably the worst day in six months. So many things were going on that there was so much stress that he was feeding off of. There was a major meltdown when I picked the wrong thing for lunch. Yeah no kidding! You would have thought I was hurting my child. It was BAD. It continued for most of the afternoon. I pretty much lost it the rest of the evening and my night only got better. *sarcasm noted *

Wednesday Dallas was nice enough to let me sleep in knowing how horrible the night before was. He got Ty off on the bus and I was able to sleep in. It helped tremendously but the whining and crying and tantrums were BACK.

Tonight we had way less whining and crying but we had to finish some birthday shopping and had some really lovely meltdowns especially when trying to get him to decide if I really wanted to spend the money to get him something that I thought he would like. it was bad. But the night ended pretty good.

Tomorrow he has school and we have not much planned. I forget how hard having a child with some "issues" wears on your emotional state. It makes you feel alone and very very lonely. Add that on top of misunderstanding after misunderstanding from those around you and your emotional state is in shambles.

Good deal did break on Speech.... Hopefully we will have a good news post soon. Bad news on his new braces, though he has been wearing them and doing awesome they are leaving some pressure sores on his little feet. So we have to take a break to see if we can get rid of them AND get an appointment at Shriner's.

Life....... it is crazy sometimes.

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