Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ode to Boxes

Oh boxes.
While I know you are moving me closer to my mom. I HATE YOU!
Oh Boxes
While I know you are sending us to a new adventure. I hate you.
Oh boxes
The places we will go. I HATE YOU!
Oh boxes
I am filling you up knowing I will have to empty you in a few days. I HATE YOU!

That is our day in a nutshell. I hate boxes. My stuff is slowly getting put into them and we are slowly dwindling on the days we have left to get it all in. Ty has had his respite person taking care of him while I pack and he gets so clingy because he hasn't seen me. It makes me sad. I hate you boxes.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we are driving into Phoenix for one last orthotic appointment. Dallas and I are going to lunch so we can spend a little time together and then back to the grind of packing. That leaves us 2 days of packing .....




Andrea, Mrs. said...

Um, Nancy--that is FUNNY. I mean, the ode you composed.

I wish you nothing but good luck and hopefully, a good day!

~NICKY~ said...

Do I have to see those boxes when I come? :)