Saturday, August 22, 2009

Haban Fundraiser

My friend Jami lost her husband this past week. She is such a strong person. Over the last month Kameron was in the ICU for Lupus and Valley Fever. He passed away on the 19th. He is such a courageous man.

Jami and Kam have a VERY cute little boy. He is 2 and a half. He is smart and cute and a spitting image of his father. Jami has to start over. She is looking at hospital bills, funeral expenses and starting a new life.

A benefit concert is going on to help her family but there is also donations being taken at Bank of America Under Jamilyn Haban ( AZ). If anyone can donate that reads this please please do.

To read Kam's story go here. A local photographer ( and Jami's brother) is doing a fundraiser and any pictures purchased through him will go to benefit Jami and her family. His website and amazing photos are HERE!

If you can donate please do. If you can't please offer a prayer to Jami and her family. They are such strong people. Jami especially for strength. She is raising a heroes son. She needs the comfort!

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Amber said...

I am SO SORRY to read about Kameron. They looked like an AMAZING family!!!! They have been in my prayers for the past 2 days and will continue to be.