Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday day!

I am wasting time. I have just a few rooms left to pack ( ok just 2 rooms) and I thought I would tell you about my birthday.

Last week, Jenny and Maloree and I went to lunch at Oregano's. I took Tyler with me and he was Naughty. But it was a fun lunch with those 2. I will miss hanging out with them ( the few times we actually get to do it.)

This week has been full of this and that and packing. Since it WAS my birthday yesterday we decided to go out for lunch after Ty's appointment.

Ty had his last follow up appointment with the orthotist. He did much better than the last appointment. And it seems that he is finally getting use to his braces. They have given us a lot of good ideas on how to work on getting his feet working better and to see if we can correct some of the orthopedic problems that are being caused by his cerebral palsy.

Brett and Dallas discussed some plans for their new website and then we headed home. Our respite came and had Tyler entertained for the day. Dallas and I headed off to Red Lobster. Endless shrimp started on the 25th so I was IN LUCK!

Shrimp scampi and yummy company is my favorite. It was a great lunch and we laughed. I needed to laugh with him. He is seriously my best friend ever.

We rushed home because I had a person from craigslist coming to paint the laundry room. Yeah they flaked. So I saved us 40 bucks and painted the rest of it myself. Now I have to clean up after myself now that the paint is dry.

Dallas and Tyler made me brownies yesterday and now we are back to packing and moving. Looks like we have 2 main rooms left and 2 days to do it. Guess we know what we SHOULD be doing instead of blogging.

Soo... here is to laundry, living rooms and kitchens being put into boxes.... SOON


Grandma Labrum said...

Packing, Packing, Packing.

Amber said...

I am glad you had a good birthday. I hope the packing and moving continue to go well. SLY!!!